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This is the Essential VAAAPP: The Ganja Gourmet is proud to now carry Essential VAAAPP! The Essential VAAAPP is one of the best portable medicinal vaporizers on the market today! Our Essential VAAAPP comes complete with the vaporizer, vials, carrying case and ONE HALF GRAM OF HASH OIL!

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The Ganja Gourmet only offers Colorado Grown Medical Marijuana! We are also primarily offering only organic, soil grown MMJ in order to insure our Patient’s health. The Ganja Gourmet takes pride in getting to personally know our growers so that we can learn about their growing methods and in turn, relate that information to our patient/customers. The Ganja Gourmet is “Colorado Proud!”

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The Ganja Gourmet is offering a Special Deal on our Hash Oil! When you purchase our Essential VAAAPP kit and hash oil, you will receive a discount on all your further purchases of our hash oil!

Important Instructions:

Some essential oils require heating to bring about their vaporization. Do to the nature of evaporating volatile plant oils with heat, be it with open flame or other heat source. Vaporizing devices such as the EV101 expose the user to possible burning of their fingers, hand, etc. and any surface or object the device could come into contact with. Please be aware and careful.

Always be cautious when using your EV101. Immediately after you are finished using your EV101 Always set aside in a safe place where the hot vial is not going into contact with person, place or thing. Do not stow away or place into its case until cool (Usually cools within 4 minutes)

Do not put the EV101 in pants pocket or any tight fitting clothing garment. The vial could easily break at its attachment point when bending, leaving broken glass in your pocket.

If you should find that the one dram glass vial used has broken and the threaded neck of the vial is stuck in the EV101, hold the vial end of the EV101 away from you and while over a waste basket, take a small screw driver or similar object and break the lodged glass into smaller pieces by lightly prying. Be careful to not gouge the threads of the EV100 or bend the air inlet tube. When all visible pieces of glass are removed, rinse inside of the EV101 with a suitable pipe cleaning solution to remove any unseen glass fragments, which could be stuck inside The EV101. If you don't feel comfortable doing procedures like this, find someone else who does. If you must, you can send it to our warranty center and we will remove the broken glass for you. You will be responsible for all shipping costs, please include prepaid return shipping cost.

This device uses a standard lab grade boro-silicate one dram glass vial (Pyrex) it has an operating temperature of 230C (446F) and a maximum of 490C (914 F) . If a torch type lighter, sometimes called a wind proof or cigar lighter, is used, over heating could occur. Heating times in excess of 20 seconds could exceed the vials maximum temperature rating, causing it to break. Do not heat vial with torch flame for more than 20 seconds (all herbal materials and oils used in the EV101 vaporize well below 440F)

When selecting essential oils for use in your EV101, be sure to research the recommended uses and its physical effects for each species of plant oil, before use. Many essential oils are not for internal use. For example: there are five or more species of Eucalyptus oils available and not all of them are safe for inhalation. {We recommend you talk to your physician or do your own research}

Instructions for Use:
To Vaporize Plant Material, and Essential Oils:

* Remove the one dram glass vial from the EV101.

* Place a small amount (0.1 ml / 0.1 g) depending on the material? in bottom of the vial.

* Re-attach the one dram glass vial used to the EV101, do not over-tighten the vial, stop turning when it touches the silicone o-ring.

* If the oil is volatile at room temperature no heating is required.

Hold the EV101 in your preferred hand and orient it so that you will be able to see the essential oil. If the oil is highly viscous, heat has to be applied to outside of the one dram vial. A lighter will be required while you are heating the vial with the lighter in your other hand. Position the tip of the flame 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch below the one dram glass vial. Heat until vapor is seen rising from the plant material or the puddle of oil. IMPORTANT: Inhale slowly and easy for approximately 1 to 2 seconds. BE CAREFUL not to inhale to hard, this will cause the liquefied oil or plant material to be pulled up into the inlet tube and block the inlet tube and cause a restriction. If someone does not follow directions and this happens, simply clean the inlet tube with a typical pipe cleaning device. DO NOT put the flame directly on the vial. This will leave a black soot residue, and take longer to produce vapors. If someone does not follow directions and this happens, let the glass cool off and wipe the vial clean so that you can see the material inside the vial before using the EV101 again.

Place mouth on end of the EV101 and inhale slow and easy. Be Aware the vapors will expand. This is a serious medicinal tool.


Never inhale while the flame is heating the one dram glass vial. Doing this does not allow vapors to form properly.

If heated to fast by using a torch lighter, BE CAREFUL, this can cause the lungs to spasm into a coughing fit. Doing this also overheats the herb or oil, which can be extremely irritating to the lungs as well as destroying active medicinal components.

The technique is basically to release a small amount of vapor with heat from the lighter. Stop heating and sip the vapor out of the EV101 slow and easy. Wait a minute or two before reusing the EV101. Repeat until the desired affects are achieved.

When finished, the one dram glass vial, if not too fouled with residue can be reused. Glass vials can be cleaned as you would clean any dirty glass pipe or you can dispose of the vial in favor of a new one.

Vaporizing Raw Plant Matter:

Fill the glass vial with broken apart “NOT GRINDED” plant material (approx. 0.5 g) tamping to approximately 1/3rd full. Please note that if the plant material is grinded it will be sucked into the inlet tube causing blockage.

Generally heat is always required to vaporize the oils in raw plant matter.

Begin heating the space above the herb; heating the air in the vial first for approximately 10 seconds, then moving the flame to the filled section for approximately 5 seconds. Then sip the EV101 slow and easy. Inhale the vapors slow and easy. Repeat heating and inhaling process until all material has been vaporized. When NOT HOT remove the one dram glass vial. Clean out the spent material. The left over v-ash in the glass vial can be crumbled into small pieces with a toothpick, long screw, or other such object, and then dumped into an ashtray. The vial should now be ready for re-use, clean more thoroughly as needed or replace with a new 1 dram glass vial.

About lighters: Very Important

Torch lighters are hotter and heat faster however they can more easily over-heat an essential oil or ignite plant matter instead of vaporizing its oils. Most of the total volume of heated microscopic vapor particles is suspended in the vapor/air mix being inhaled. Immediately these hot particles will come into intimate contact with lung tissue. This can cause extreme lung spasms. Be extremely cautious not to over-heat when heating essential oils and inhaling them. If you have an uncomfortable experience using this device with a particular essential oil, do not continue use.

A regular flame lighter will take longer to heat plant material to their vapor point. However a cooler inhalation may be experienced. We recommend this practice with the EV101.

The correct way to heat with a regular flame is to position the tip of the flame 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch below the one dram glass vial. DO NOT put the flame directly on the vial, this will leave a black soot residue on the outside of the vial, it wipes off easily with a tissue or a cloth, be sure to let it cool first.

Use Sensibly. The Essential VAAAPP™ is intended solely for the consumption of legal herbs and their essential oils.

The ESSENTIAL VAAAPP™ EV101 is a simple to use hand held vaporizer. You will discover the EV101 to be usable for a wide variety of medicinal botanicals. This is unique in comparison to other vaporizer products. The EV101 was specifically designed for essential oils and refined herbal concentrates. It will also vaporize oils on unrefined plant matter. The detachable disposable one dram glass vial used for the reaction chamber allows you to quickly change from vaporizing one herb to another avoiding cross contamination simply by changing the vial. The detachable reaction chamber also allows for easy loading of your favorite herbs and essential oils.

The EV101 is completely portable there are no electric or critical moving parts to break. The unit is machined from solid aluminum and is anodized inside and out. Anodizing is a molecular oxide coating, which seals in any leachable metals within the alloy, making it a food grade finish. The EV101 is Virtually Indestructible giving you years of convenient vaporizing.